Enheduanna performance

Saturday, September 16 at 7 PM

Sunday, September 17 at 7 PM

At the Palestinian National Theatre - Jerusalem
An artistic production that combines the body and the live music
Presenting the situation of women living in patriarchal society
It also presents the role of the female Arabe artist in her society
The Play
Enheduanna is an Akkadian princess, and the first royal nun of her era in the temple of the moon god, Nana. Enheduanna who lived four thousand years ago wrote poems to praise her beloved Goddess Inanna, daughter of Nana. The poems that Enheduanna had written were the oldest signed poems found in history. Through her verses she raised the importance of her goddess amongst other gods thus preserving the high status women enjoyed in her society. She is an artist who was able to change the course of history achievements with regard to women. Five hundred years after her death the Babylonians worshiped Ishtar as the highest goddess