To access this next station of the trail, one has to walk down Salah al-Din street until it crosses with al-Zahra street, a fairly short walk which presents the opportunity to witness commercial life outside the Old City. At the north corner of the crossing, one can see a building surrounded by an iron fence, with a garden full of high trees, pink shrubs and green grass. This is the Albright building.


Building’s Components and History

The building comprises two floors, has a rectangular elevation, and has a suspended, though small entrance, wide windows, high balconies and red brick roof. The original building was built in 1925 and a second part was added in 1931. One of its most prominent features is the stone masonry, in addition to its landscaped grounds which insulate it from the noisy surroundings.


Old Books

The building has a valuable library specialized in antiquity and biblical studies. The Institute is also carrying out a series of archaeological digs in a number of areas in Palestine and hosts a group of graduate students and researchers every year, preparing a special, field scientific program through a series of meetings and visits.

American School for Archaeological Research