Walking further down Bab al-Silsila Street takes the visitor to the next station of Barka Khan Drinking Fountain, where the fountain is located along the northern side of Hussam a-Din Baraka Khan mausoleum, to the west of Sabil al-Khalidi at the crossing leading to ‘Aqabat abi Midyan and al-Buraq Noble Wall(Western Wall).


Name and Location


Barka Khan Mausoleum is currently known as al-Khalidiyya Library, located across from al-Takiziyya Madrasa  and al-Kilaniyya Mausoleum. e  is a Mamluk building erected in Jerusalem by Amir Hussam al-Din Barka Khan, who was a prominent leader of al-Khawarizmiyya and who remained after the fall of the last Khawarizmiyya leader, Jala al-Din Mankoberti, at the hands of the Moguls between 1265 and 1280 AD (663 - 679 H).


Date of Building the Fountain and its Components


Based on the commemorative inscription, this drinking basin is  built at a later stage by Muhammad ibn Ahmad ibn Taimour al-’Ala’i at the beginning of Zul -Qi’da 792 (October 1390). The drinking basin is simple, comprising a hollow stone trough, topped by an arched niche  adorned with  a ribbed conch ornaments. The basin is not operating at present, but in the past, water was poured into the trough and scooped, either by the water provider or pedestrians coming to al-Aqsa Mosque, using special copper cans. It was customary to mention the founder in supplication while having the free drink.

Barka Khan Mausoleum Drinking Fountain