Complete quiet and respect should be observed inside this church, which symbolizes the tragic event of betrayal and apprehension, which Christ knew of beforehand. The church interior is intentionally darkened to accentuate the event and its significance.


Names of the Church


The Church of Gethsemane (Church of All Nations) carries special significance because a large number of European countries participated in building it during the first half of the 20th century. The word Gethsemane, which means ‘an olive press,’ comes from the Aramaic language. The Church represents the last few hours of Christ’s life, when he sat down reflecting, realizing that He would be apprehended by the Romans.


Architectural Style


The Church is originally Byzantine, but was renovated during the times of the Franks. It was built as a basilica with mosaics covering its floors and ceiling, and was composed of shallow domes, with images depicting the European nations which participated in building it. Visitors should observe the rock at the end of the middle arcade, and the paining depicting Christ’s last moments before being apprehended by the Romans. 

Church of Gethsemane