Suq al-Attarin is the middle one among the three Suqs and is also the middle of the cardo street, extending from the end of Suq Khan al-Zait until the beginning of l-Bashura, or the beginning of Harat al-Sharaf (the Jewish neighbourhood). It is recommended that visitors visit this Suq in full, given its small size. Note that this Suq is relatively narrow, and fully covered with cross-vaults, with openings in the middle for light and ventilation. When the sun’s rays pass through these vents and reflect on the colorful goods exhibited in shops, they add a poetic touch to the Suq and make passing through it an enjoyment that is worth the effort.


No Specialization in Spices


Until recently, this Suq specialized in Arabian and Oriental spices, from which it took its name. However, the quickening pace of life and Jerusalem’s openness to modernity reduced the importance and number of these shops, which are now reduced to only three. Other shops exhibit various types of goods, particularly cloth and shoes. The variety and colors of offered goods gives the Suq an oriental bazaar touch.

Suq Al-Attarin