Our Background

Located on the first floor of a traditional 1930’s Arab house, with its arched facades overlooking al Zahra Street in the heart of Jerusalem, the Palestinian Art Court – Al Hoash was established at the end of 2004, as a non profit organization that works in the field of culture, specifically in visual arts. Al Hoash was founded by a number of Palestinian enthusiasts who sensed the crucial need for a professional body to revive and preserve visual arts, being a major part of the Palestinian cultural identity. Since its establishment, Al Hoash has hosted many exhibitions, implemented several workshops as well as competitions, and has released several publications. Al Hoash was established to house comprehensive collections of Palestinian art and to fill the need for a community-based art center. Its current location in the heart of Jerusalem is ideal for that purpose: several schools, public service organizations and hotels surround it.


Our Programs

Al Hoash gallery provides a space for artists to showcase innovative and significant works, it also gives the audiences the opportunity to acquire knowledge and appreciate the artistic production of both emerging and established artists in Palestine. 


We do:

  • Indoor and Public Space exhibitions
  • Permanent exhibition on Palestinian Art – The Collectors’ Room
  • Socially Engaged Art – urban interventions in the community and educational program
  • The Platform (art library, book shop and artist talks)


Our Focus

The Palestinian collective memoryis confronted with oppression and fragmentation throughout its history and has to struggle between different notions of remembering and forgetting.In the last decade Palestinian artists and scholars and other individuals are working on the task to collect, present and visualize history, to fill the gap of non-existing national institutions and structures. This situation is enough reason for Al Hoash to focus on visual collective memory and its evolution, interrelation and development.


Our Platform


The platform is a knowledge based hub, located within the Gallery’s veranda, where artists, students, visitors, and the general public are invited to visit and make use of the Palestinian art library, the general art books, the gift shop as well as the showcase for young designers. The Platform is a space where Al Hoash organizes artists’ talks, panel discussions, and exchange programs to increase the dialogue with the public, and act as a place for the Palestinian artists to connect to the world. We aim to provide a lieu of exchange and dialogue where critical interpretation and analysis on art production and its history are engaged.


The Collectors’ Room

The collectors’ room is a permanent exhibition of a cluster of exceptional private collections, presenting works by Palestinian artists. The collections will be ever evolving through time as works will alternate according to chosen themes.

Palestinian Art Court - Al Hoash
Zaituna Building, 7 Zahra street, Jerusalem