Palestinian Heritage Museum

Palestinian Heritage Museum

Palestinian Heritage Museum

The Begining


The concept of establishing aPalestinian Heritage Museum was first thought of by the late Ms Hind Husseini in 1962 with the emergence of an urgent need for informing the outside world and Local Community alike about the rich and ancient Palestinian Popular and Traditional Heritage. Museum items were accumulated initially from local Palestinians’ private donations in addition to an extremely generous sizeable donation by a British resident of Palestine, at the time, Mrs.Violet Barber who presented a valuable collection of authentic clothes and Arab traditional items.


The first official inauguration of the museum was in 1978 in the ground floor of Salim Husseini’s house in the current museum building. It was named “The Popular Arab Palestinian Heritage Centre” under the directorship of Mrs. ZainabHusseini, daughter of JawadHusseini, the museum’s first Director. Within a few years the museum expanded to occupy all three floors with numerous quantitative and qualitative additions to its variety of precious holdings. In 1994, and following his death, the museum was named after “Sheikh Ahmad Jaffali”, one of Dar Tifel’smost generous contributors. The latest Museum reopening was in May 2012.


The Museum Today

Following a comprehensive revitalization and modernization operation during the last few years, and with contributions frommore than one local, Arab, Moslem and Italian donors, the museum’s halls were furnished to host and exhibit traditional items and was fully equipped to receive visitors in the best possible form. The museum was also prepared to host various cultural and art programs and events at all times.


The museum today includes permanent galleries and exhibition halls, in addition to multi-purpose halls, stores, restoration room, artwork workshop, library and administration offices. The building was also equipped with special, (no comma)state–of- the -art lighting systems, humidity instruments, monitoring, fire and burglar alarm systems.


Guided Tours and Opening Hours

Guided, one hour tours are conductedfor groups of up to 25 visitors. For reservations please call :02-6272531  during working hours.


Working Hours

Saturday and Mondaystill Thursdays; 8:00 -16:00 hrs. Fridays and Sundays – closed.


Contact info:

Phone: 02-6272531          Fax: 02-6272431

e-mail:[email protected]


Address: Abu Obaidah Al-Jarrah St., East Jerusalem.

Palestinian Heritage Museum