Location and Founder


Al-Madrasa al-Khatuniyya is a famous school attributed to al-Sitt Ogul Khatun, the daughter of Shams al-Din al-Qazaniyya al-Baghdadiyya. The school is in a sensitive location. It constitutes part of the  riwaq located between Bab Suq al-Qattanin and Bab al-Hadid. The school is accessed through an alleyway on the Bab al-Hadid Road, located to the southern side of the road between al-Madrasa al-Muzhiriyya and al-Madrasa al-Arghuniyya.


School is a Mausoleum for Prominent People


The school’s facilities are composed of an open courtyard surrounded by sanctums from the south, west and north, and two largeiwans facing each other, as well as a large hall overlooking the western porticoe of al-Aqsa Mosque, housing the tombs of prominent Arabs and Muslims. Part of the school is a residence for the Khatib and other families. The hall overlooking the western porticoe of al-Aqsa Mosque houses the tombs of Muhammad Ali al-Hindi, Musa Kazem al-Husseini, the Martyr ‘Abed al-Qader al-Husseini, Ahmad Hilmi ‘Abed al- Baqi, ‘Abed al-Hamid Shuman, al-Sharif ‘Abed al-Hamid ibn ‘Oun, and finally Faisal al-Husseini, may they all rest in peace.


Waqf al-Khatuniyya


The Khatuniyya has two religious endowments (Waqf). The first is Waqf Aughl Khatun, comprising Zahr al-Jamal farm near the Dair Jarir village of Ramallah, and the second is from Isfahan Shah, the daughter of Prince Qazan, sister of the Khatun who placed these sites as religious endowments. It comprises five plots of land in Damascus, a house near Bab al-Hadid, a house in the Zion neighborhood and a shop in Suq al-Qattanin. Among the school’s employees were a shaikh, headmaster, doorman and caretaker, clerk and Quran reader, and  a Bukhari reader.

Al-Madrasah Al-Khatuniyya