Located near Omar Ibn Al-Khattab Mosque in the middle of the Jewish Quarter, this synagogue is attributed to Rabbi Moshe Bin Nahman (Nahmanides or Ramban).  The synagogue was composed of a dome resting on four marble pillars.  Although this information was mentioned in many Jewish sources, nobody saw the Ramban synagogue until after the year 1400.  It was demolished in 1474, and rebuilt the next year.  It continued to be used until 1588, when it was closed and its ownership was transferred to a private party (a Muslim family), as a result of accruing debts on the Jewish sect.  This status continued until 1967, when the whole vicinity was confiscated and the synagogue was renovated and used for religious purposes.


The building is 21.5 meters long, 6.7 meters wide, and 7.3 meters high.  It comprises a hall with 4 pillars (there is currently no dome), with cross beams ceiling.  The pulpit from which scripture is read is built in the middle of the hall.  The building is currently used as a cultural and educational center, and annexes are being added, expanding the historical building to three times its original size.