This unique fountain is located in the middle of Souk Aftimos, the newest souk in Jerusalem. To arrive at the fountain, continue down Bab Al-Silsilah Street to its end then turn right (north) where the three souks start (Al-Khawajat, Al-Attareen, and Al-Lahhameen). Continue towards Bab Al-Khalil, turning right again at the beginning of the Bimaristan Street where the fountain is located, a few meters west of the street.


Founder, Date, and Classical Nature of the Fountain


Souk Aftimos was named after the Greek Archimandrite Aftimos, who built this market at the beginning of the 20th century, in 1902. The souk lies to the west of the German Savior Church and to the east of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. This souk is characterized by its western architectural style, with its northern entrance comprising a triumph arch composed of three large arches, built with alternating brick and white colors of stone known as Al-Ablaq, a clear influence of Jerusalem’s Islamic architecture. A large, beautiful water fountain adorns the middle of the souk, reminiscent of classical fountains in the presence of human and animal figures ornamenting its water exits. The souk stores are located alongside and around the fountain. 

Suq Aftimos Fountain