Seeing the many aspects of al-Sitt Tunshuq’s life, as well as the beauty of the architectural façade, and comtemplating the content and message included in the Quranic verse found on the façade, which calls for optimism and not despairing, regardless of difficulties, it would be worthwhile to pay special attention to this lady’s mausoleum and pray for mercy for her soul.


A Miniature of the Palace’s Façade


 Turbat al-Sitt Tunshuq is opposite the third east entrance of the al-Sitt Tunshuq Palace and the entrance of al- ’Imara al-‘Amira on the north side of ‘Aqabat al-Takkiyya Road. The façade of this mausoleum is wonderfully designed and it is a miniature of the façade of the palace. The mausoleum is significant, because it indicates that al-Sitt Tunshuq loved Jerusalem not only during her life, but also in her death, as she asked to be buried in it. She died in 1398 AD and she was buried in this mausoleum. As such, she presented to Jerusalem a second architectural masterpiece that still stands today opposite her palace, a testimony to this good lady’s wealth and high taste.